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Fra Italia til Småkraftdagane

Salgsdirektør Thomas Vieider i TROYER
Italienske TROYER leverer komplette småkraftverk - fra vann til ledning. Det norske markedet er så interessant at de selv tok kontakt for å bli utstiller på Småkraftdagane.

Lagt ut 21/03-2017

Vi tok en part med salgsdirektør Thomas Vieider i TROYER og den foregikk selsvagt på engelsk. 

Why do You partisipate at "Småkraftdagane"?

- TROYER was founded in 1934 and therefore has developed a long tradition in supplying complete own-developed mechanical and electrical equipment for hydropower plants, mainly in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and some other countries. We know the Norwegian market is interesting and dynamic and we are willing to expand our business opportunities. We know Småkraftdagane is very well organized and therefore it is a very good opportunity for us to meet potential customers and other market players.

How many years have You attended? Do You remember some years as special?
- For TROYER it is the first experience at Småkraftdagane, so we can’t share any memories of previous editions. But it is our intention to be present for many other years in the future.

What is Your predictions about the development in the small hydro sector the next decennium (10 years)?

-Without taking into account any specific market study, at TROYER we know that the hydropower market in Norway is still attractive, especially refurbishments of older installations are a big topic. Considering our experience in the field, we are sure that we can offer an interesting alternative to the market.
What kind of products/services do Your company supply?

-TROYER provides complete water-to-wire equipment for Pelton, Francis and Kaplan hydropower plants up to 25 MW of unit power. Turbines, governors and control panels are entirely designed and produced in our headquarters in Vipiteno, northern Italy, with the highest quality standards. Almost all customers we have worked with have returned to us for further projects, because they were extremely satisfied with the absolute reliability and availability of our turbine systems.

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